Sheila Rock

As Shelia explores the strength and resilience of the Buddhist tradition, her display of black and white portraits provides a captivating glance into the world of the re-established Sera Jey Tibetan Monastery in India. These beautiful and inspiring photographs include images of daily rituals and sacred ceremonies, as well as capturing serious moments, playful gestures, and natural sincere expressions.

Tibet was once home to thousands of thriving Buddhist monasteries. However, in 1959 following a Tibetan uprising against the Chinese occupation, the practice of Buddhism was banned. In March of that year, the Chinese military overran the 540 year old Sera Jay monastery near the Tibetan capital of Lhasa and many ancient artefacts and manuscripts were destroyed. The Dalai Lama was forced into exile and, along with many hundreds of monks, fled over the mountain passes to neighbouring India.

The Sera Jey Monastery, now re-established near Mysore (South India), houses over 5,000 Buddhist monks including many who escaped the assault on the Tibetan monastery in 1959 and many more who have never known their ancestral homeland. Providing an intimate glimpse of this rarely seen world, these photographs celebrate the tranquillity and simple life of the monks that have steadfastly carried on the legacy of the original Sera Jey.

Sheila Rock Punk+

Sheila Rock has chosen her favorite photographs for this collection in Punk+. Her images capture the mood of the moment at live shows, behind the scenes and rehearsals. She documents fashion from on the street as well as legendary boutiques. She shares her recollections of the excitement of early punk.

Deluxe Edition includes a 10×7,5 inch hand printed archival silver gelatin print of THE CLASH in 1976 signed and numbered by Sheila Rock strickly limited to 300 copies woldwide.
“Punk+ is a photo book with a difference, a collection of long-neglected images she discovered in her shed, plus conversation with Savage, Letts, and other creative contemporaries about the influential era. Deeply embedded but slightly removed, Rock provided a unique insight into the era’s sounds, styles and celebrities, from the “clever and talented” John Lydon to the “always taciturn but extremely photogenic” Paul Weller.”The Clash Magazine
“This independently-produced limited edition book presents a fresh view of the punk movement through the lens of renowned photographer Sheila Rock.”  / Beige Magazine
 “Snapper Sheila Rock is opening up her personal archives to reveal intimate and candid shots of notorious late -1970s bands including the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, and Subway Sect. One of the most startling images shows Glen Matlock giggling as he holds aloft a smiling Sid Vicious, who acrimoniously replaced him as bassist in the Sex Pistols just months before the photo was taken."   / Contact Music (Australia)